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Today in History India 18 April

    Check out below about Today in History India 18 April in Indian history or April 18 special day in India. Looking for information about today special day in India? If yes, check out below. On this Special day today 18 April in Indian history, falls the birthdays and death anniversaries of various well-known people of India. You would also find out about events that happened that make it to the list of today special day in India.

    Today’s Historical Events on April 18

    International Day For Monuments and Sites

    1336, 18th April: Harihar and Bukka established the Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagar.

    1831, 18th April: Establishment of the University of Alabama.

    1859, 18th April: Tatya Tope, leader of the 1857 Rebellion, was executed.

    1898, 18th April: Damodar Chapekar, assassinator British officer Rand, was executed.

    1912, 18th April: Carpathia arrived in New York with 705 survivors aboard the Titanic.

    1924, 18th April: Simon and Schuster published the first book of crossword puzzles.

    1930, 18th April: Surya Sen and 62 people from the Indian Republican Army attacked the Chittagong Shastra.

    1936, 18th April: Shaniwarwada in Pune, the Peshwa’s capital, handed over to the Archaeological Department.

    1950, 18th April: Vinoba Bhave’s Bhudan movement started in Pochampalli village in Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana).

    1954, 18th April: Gamal Abdel Nasser took power in Egypt.

    1971, 18th April: 1971: Air India’s first Boeing 747 jumbo jet arrived at Santa Cruz Airport.

    1991, 18th April: Kerala became the first fully literate state of India.

    2001, 18th April: GSLV-D1 carrier launched successfully from Sriharikota base.

    2020, 18th April: Coronavirus Pandemic: Europe surpassed 100,000 COVID -19 deaths.

    Famous Birthdays & Birth Anniversaries on April 18

    1809: Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, an Indian poet of English.

    1858: Dhondo Keshav Karve, a social reformer in India.

    1916: Lalita Pawar, an Indian actress.

    1958: Malcolm Marshall, a Barbadian cricketer. 

    1962: Poonam Dhillon, an Indian Hindi-language film, theatre, and TV actress.

    1963: Conan O’Brien, an American television host, comedian, writer, podcaster, and producer. 

    1992: KL Rahul, an Indian international cricketer.

    Death Anniversaries of famous people on April 18

    1859: Tatya Tope, an Indian revolutionary.

    1898: Damodar Hari Chafekar, an Indian revolutionary.

    1945: Sir John Ambrose Fleming, an English electrical engineer, and physicist.

    1955: Albert Einstein, a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity.

    1966: Swami Kuvalayananda, a researcher and educator.

    1999: Raghuveer Singh, an internationally acclaimed Indian photographer.

    2002: Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian adventurer, and ethnographer.

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