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The Hindu PDF Newspaper is considered an important source of news and information for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) aspirants in India. The Hindu Epaper gkgsca covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to the UPSC exam, including Current Affairs, politics, economics, international relations, governance, and social issues.

The Hindu Epaper Analysis 6 April 2024 for UPSC

RBI keeps repo rate on hold as food prices remain high: Page 1
  • RBI kept policy repo rate unchanged at 6.50%
  • Food prices spike concerns RBI despite moderated overall inflation
  • Seventh consecutive time rates have remained unchanged
  • Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) aims to align inflation with target sustainably
  • RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das emphasized unfinished task of inflation alignment
  • MPC prioritizes withdrawal of accommodation while supporting growth
  • Food price uncertainties continue to impact inflation trajectory
  • Record rabi wheat production expected to ease price pressure and replenish buffer stocks
  • Early signs of normal monsoon forecast for kharif season
Parliament’s past, a mirror to changing dynamics: Page 6
  • 17th Lok Sabha concluded its proceedings unusually on a Saturday, reminiscent of historical patterns.
  • Significant increase in parliamentary questions directed towards the Office of the Prime Minister.
  • Decline in interest in seeking answers from the Prime Minister’s Office observed in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
  • Ministries of Health and Family, and Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare gained prominence with the highest number of questions.
  • Decline in interest in matters of national security and internal affairs, particularly the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Ministry of Finance witnessed declining parliamentary interest but an increase in questions admitted for deliberation.
  • Education remains among the top five Ministries subject to rigorous questioning.
  • Uptick in disallowed questions casts doubts on oversight efficacy, particularly in education.
  • Lok Sabha shows a downward trend in disallowed questions while the Rajya Sabha shows a consistent increase.
  • Increased utilization of interventions like Zero Hour suggests heightened focus on pressing issues.
  • Other interventions like ‘Half-an-Hour Discussions’, ‘Short Notice Questions’, etc., have seen a decline.
  • Despite its popularity, Zero Hour has limitations; other interventions should be leveraged for balanced debate.
  • The 16th Lok Sabha showed relatively higher proactivity in question admission and discussions.
  • Instances of oversight indicate the need for increased accountability and legislative engagement.
  • Missed opportunities in parliamentary proceedings highlight the importance of seizing every opportunity for constructive debate and policy enactment.
Escalation ladder: Page 6
  • April 1 attack on Iranian embassy annex in Damascus escalates conflict in West Asia.
  • Iran blames Israel for the strike, resulting in the deaths of 13 Iranians.
  • Israel neither confirms nor denies involvement in such attacks.
  • Israeli operations across the region target Iranian military and nuclear figures.
  • Attack on embassy complex deviates from past strikes, violating international law.
  • Shadow war ongoing between Israel and Iran prior to October 7 Hamas attack.
  • Israel launches offensive in Gaza and air strikes in Syria and Lebanon.
  • Netanyahu faces pressure to cease fire and resign amidst increasing casualties in Gaza.
  • Open war between Israel and Iran could lead to regional security disaster and global economic crisis.
  • Iran urged to show restraint, and the US advised to rein in Israel’s actions.
Rakhigarhi findings in NCERT books; Narmada Dam references dropped: Page 10
  • NCERT proposes adding Rakhigarhi DNA findings to Class 12 history textbook
  • Narmada Dam project references dropped from sociology textbook
  • Harappan DNA analysis suggests continuity since 10,000 BC
  • Majority of South Asian population descendants of Harappans
  • DNA study indicates no large-scale immigration of Aryans
  • Genetic history of Indians remains unbroken
  • Harappan genes spread to Iran and Central Asia
  • Research conducted by Deccan College Deemed University, Pune, in collaboration with CCMB, Hyderabad, and Harvard Medical College
  • Reconstructed facial features of Harappans similar to modern population of Haryana
  • Rethinking social geographies based on genetic admixture
  • Narmada dam references changed in sociology textbook
  • Emphasis on Ram Janmabhoomi Temple movement; Babri Masjid references dropped
RBI to enable UPI for cash deposit: Page 11
  • RBI to enable UPI for cash deposits
  • Proposal due to UPI’s popularity and convenience
  • Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) currently only accept debit cards
  • Operational instructions for UPI cash deposit to be issued soon
  • Foreign investors in IFSC allowed to invest in Sovereign Green Bonds (SGrBs)
  • Scheme for non-resident participation in SGrBs being notified
  • Mobile app to be launched for RBI’s Retail Direct scheme
  • Retail Direct scheme introduced in November 2021
  • Allows individual investors to maintain gilt accounts with RBI
  • Enables investors to buy securities in primary auctions and trade on NDS-OM platform
‘ITC Infotech platform aims to boost income of 10 mn farmers’: Page 11
  • ITC Infotech aims to boost income of 10 million farmers by 2030
  • They target farmers from over 4,000 farmer-producing organizations (FPOs) across India
  • Their platform, ITC Metamarket for Advanced Agriculture and Rural Services (ITCMAARS), has already connected 1.5 million farmers and 1,500 FPOs from 10 states
  • Farmers experienced 30-50% income enhancement through ITCMAARS intervention
  • Services offered include predictive weather and crop advisory, intelligent farming nudges, access to newer farming techniques, market linkages, personalized climate crop advisories, precision farming technologies, scientific quality assaying, and formal credit availability
  • The platform provides a ‘phygital’ ecosystem combining digital and agricultural technologies for farmers’ benefit
Stop selling or shipping arms to Israel, UNHRC tells nations: Page 12
  • UNHRC urges nations to cease selling or shipping arms to Israel
  • Resolution aims to prevent rights violations against Palestinians
  • Passed with 28-6 vote in favor, 13 abstentions
  • Targets Israeli actions like restricting water access and limiting humanitarian aid
  • Calls for reporting on shipments of weapons, munitions, and “dual use” items
  • Non-binding but raises international pressure on Israel
  • Western countries divided: U.S. and Germany opposed, France and Japan abstained, Belgium, Finland, and Luxembourg voted in favor
  • Biden warns Netanyahu of future U.S. support depending on protecting civilians and aid workers
  • Israel announces temporary aid deliveries into northern Gaza
India abstains from HRC vote calling Gaza ceasefire: Page 12
  • India abstained from a Human Rights Council (HRC) resolution on Gaza ceasefire.
  • India’s abstention aligned with its stance on accountability in past HRC votes.
  • It voted in favor of three resolutions criticizing Israel’s actions against Palestinians.
  • All resolutions were presented by Pakistan on behalf of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs did not provide a reason for the vote.
  • The U.S., Germany, and four others voted against the resolution, while India abstained along with France and Japan.
  • A majority of 28 members, including Bangladesh, China, and Brazil, voted in favor of the resolution.
  • India voted in favor of resolutions on Palestinian self-determination, human rights in Syrian Golan, and Israeli settlements.
India continues to lead the charts in positive dope cases: Page 12
  • India has the highest number of positive doping cases among countries, according to 2022 statistics from WADA.
  • Out of 3865 samples handled by NADA, 125 tested positive, making up 3.2% of all samples.
  • This is the highest percentage of positive results reported by any agency for 2000-plus samples.
  • Wrestling, boxing, athletics, and weightlifting, sports where India has won Olympic medals, contribute to the positive cases.
  • Wrestling had the highest percentage of positive results at 6.3% from 285 samples.
  • In 2019, NADA reported 225 positive cases out of 4004 samples, the highest percentage at 5.6%.
  • In 2020 and 2021, despite handling fewer samples due to COVID-19, India still had high percentages of positive cases at 4.6% and 2.3% respectively.
  • NADA needs to increase testing ahead of the Paris Olympics to combat doping.

The Hindu PDF Analysis for UPSC

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