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What is CV-22B Osprey Aircraft? – UPSC Daily Current Affairs

UPSC Daily Current Affairs: US and Japanese divers recently discovered the wreckage and remains of crew members from a crashed US Air Force CV-22B Osprey aircraft off southwestern Japan.

About CV-22B Osprey:

It is a tiltrotor aircraft that combines the vertical take-off, hover, and vertical landing qualities of a helicopter with the long-range, fuel efficiency, and speed characteristics of a turboprop aircraft.

It was developed to fulfil the needs of the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy operational requirements worldwide.

It is built by Boeing, an American aerospace company.

It is used for a wide-range of missions, including long-range infiltration, exfiltration, medium-range assault, special operations, VIP transport, resupply, disaster relief, search-and-rescue, medical evacuation, and humanitarian missions

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