Today in History India 19 April

Check out below about Today in History India 19 April in Indian history or April 19 special day in India. Looking for information about today special day in India? If yes, check out below. On this Special day today 19 April in Indian history, falls the birthdays and death anniversaries of various well-known people of India. You would also find out about events that happened that make it to the list of today special day in India.

Today’s Historical Events on April 19

1451, 19th April: Bahlol Khan Lodi captured Delhi.

1526, 19th April: Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire, laid the foundations of the Mughal rule.

1770, 19th April: Captain James Cook became the first Western man to reach Australia.

1775, 19th April: Beginning of the American Revolutionary war.

1910, 19th April: Anant Kanhere, Krishnaji Karve, and Vinayak Deshpande were executed.

1948, 19th April: Burma joined the United Nations.

1971, 19th April: Sierra Leone became a republic.

1975, 19th April: Aryabhata, India’s first satellite, launched from the Russian space station.

2011, 19th April: Fidel Castro resigned as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba after holding the title since July 1961.

Famous Birthdays & Birth Anniversaries on April 19

1868: Paul Harris, founder of the Rotary Club.

1933: Dickie Bird, an English retired international cricket umpire.

1956: Mukesh Rishi, an Indian actor.

1957: Mukesh Ambani, an Indian billionaire business magnate, and the chairman, managing director, and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Ltd.

1968: Arshad Warsi, an Indian film actor.

1977: Anju Bobby George, a retired Indian athlete. 

1987: Maria Sharapova, a Russian retired professional tennis player. 

Death Anniversaries of famous people on April 19

1882: Charles Darwin, an English naturalist, geologist, and biologist.

1906: Pierre Curie, a French physicist.

1910: Anant Laxman Kanhere, an Indian independence fighter.

1955: Jim Corbett, a British hunter, tracker, naturalist, and author.

1974: Muhammad Ayub Khan, the second President of Pakistan.

2003: Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the fourth caliph and the head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. 

2004: Norris McWhirter, co-founder of the Guinness Book of World Records.

2008: Sarojini Babar, an Indian-Marathi writer, and politician.

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