Today in History India 15 September

Check out below about Today in History India 15 September in Indian history or September 15 special day in India. Looking for information about today special day in India? If yes, check out below. On this Special day today 15 September in Indian history, falls the birthdays and death anniversaries of various well-known people of India. You would also find out about events that happened that make it to the list of today special day in India.

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What happened in India today | Today’s Historical Events on 15 September

Engineers Day (INDIA) & International Day of Democracy & World Lymphoma Awareness Day 

1588, 15th September – Final humiliation of the Spanish Armada, whose remnants return to Spanish harbors after defeat by the English

1821, 15th September – San Salvador declared its independence

1830, 15th September – William Huskisson, British MP and former cabinet minister, today became the first person to be killed by the train

1835, 15th September – HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin aboard, reaches the Galapagos Island The ship lands at Chatham or San Cristobal, the easternmost of the archipelago

1916, 15th September – Tanks were used for the first time in World War I

1928, 15th September – The first Robot to be made in Britain was demonstrated at the Model Engineering Exhibition in London by inventors Captain Richards and AH Rendell

1935, 15th September – Germany’s persecuted Jews had lost virtually all their rights At a huge Nazi rally in Nuremberg today, the German dictator, Adolf Hitler, announced new decrees which relegate Jews to Untermensch (sub-human) status

1966, 15th September – Britain’s first nuclear submarine, HMS resolution, was launched by the Queen Mother 

1968, 15th September – The Soviet Zond 5 spaceship was launched, became the first spacecraft to fly around the Moon and re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere

2008, 15th September – Lehman Brothers files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the largest bankruptcy filing in US history

On this Day Famous Birthdays & Birth Anniversaries on September 15

601 – Ali, cousin, and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad

1254 – Marco Polo, a Venetian explorer, and merchant noted for travel to central and eastern Asia

1860 – M Vishwesvaraya, Indian engineer, scholar, statesman, and the Diwan of Mysore India celebrates Engineer’s day every year on his birth anniversary

1876 – Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Indian Bengali writer

1890 – Agatha Christie, English crime writer and one of the most successful novelists of all time, creator of Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and spinster sleuth Miss Jane Marple

1904 – Umberto II, Last king of Italy

1909 – CN Annadurai, Indian politician, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state

1939 – Subramanian Swami, Indian Politician

1967 – Ramya Krishnan, Indian actress

1984 – Prince Henry of Wales, commonly known as Harry, second son of Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales

1986 – Joshna Chinappa, an Indian professional Squash player She reached a career-high world ranking of World No 10 in July 2016 She was the first Indian to win the British Junior Squash Championship title in 2005 in the under-19 category and was also the youngest Indian women’s national champion She is the current record-holder of most national championship wins, with 18 titles

On this Day Death Anniversaries of famous people on September 15

1859 – Isambard Kingdom Brunel, an English civil engineer He is considered “one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history”

1868 – John Hanning Speke, He was an English explorer who became the first European to reach Lake Victoria in east Africa

1883 – Joseph Plateau, a Belgian physicist, and mathematician He was one of the first people to demonstrate the illusion of a moving image

1964 – Alfred Blalock, he was an American surgeon famous for his work on shock and blue baby syndrome

1967 – Dr Burgula Ramakrishna Rao, the first elected Chief Minister of the erstwhile Hyderabad State 

1989 – Robert Penn Warren, an American poet, novelist, and literary critic and was one of the founders of New Criticism

2007 – Colin Steele McRae, He was a British rally driver from Lanark, Scotland He became the first Scottish person and the youngest to win the World Rally Championship Drivers’ title, a record he still holds

What happened in India on 15 September

M. Visveswarayya, maker of modern Karnataka, was born. He was a notable engineer too.

Dr. Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, famous architect, engineer and a diplomat, also a Bharat Ratna awardee, was born at Chickballapur in Mysore (Karnataka) in a poor Brahmin family.

Gaurishankar Hirachand Oza, famous historian, was born.

Sarat Chandra Chatterji, famous Bengali novelist and writer, was born at Debanandapur in Hoogly district.

Wazir Syed Ali, right-hand batsman and right-arm fast medium bowler, was born at Jalandhar.

Thiru Conjeevaram Natarajan Annadurai, ”Anna”, founder of DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, also an editor, writer, orator and patriot, was born in a weaver community of Kanchipuram.

Rusi Karanjia, journalist and publisher, was born.

Margaret Lockwood, film actress of ‘Lady Vanishes’ fame, was born in Karachi, India.

Vande Mataram’, a lengthy feature film produced by Vande Mataram Film Co, Bombay, was prohibited on September 15 by the Censor Board on the grounds that it was an underlying attack on the prestige of University Education in India. The film, however, was cleared on December 7 after deleting the objectionable scenes.

Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena was born.

Anil Yashwant Tipnis, Air Chief Marshal, was born.

Gandhi deplores the idea of population transfer.

The India flag carrying vessel reached Bombay Port.

S. Vijayalakshmi Pandit was elected as the first lady President of the eighth session of the United Nations Organisation’s (UNO) General Assembly.

President Ayub Khan appeals to the US to use its influence to end Indian-Pakistani hostilities.

Ramkrishnarao Burgula, Chief Minister of Hyderabad, died.

Price of petrol, diesel and cooking gas hiked.

Election Commission announces polls in the former BJP-ruled states of UP, MP, HP, Rajasthan and in Delhi and Mizoram.

Prasar Bharati Act comes into force seeking to free Doordarshan and Akashvani from government control.

Palvai Purushottam, the sitting Sirpur MLA and TDP candidate, shot dead.

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