Today in History India 07 May

Check out below about Today in History India 7 May in Indian history or May 7 special day in India Looking for information about today special day in India? If yes, check out below On this Special day today 7 May in Indian history, falls the birthdays and death anniversaries of various well-known people of India You would also find out about events that happened that make it to the list of today special day in India

Today’s Historical Events on May 7

1849, 7th May: John Elliott Drinkwater Bethune started Calcutta Female School

1946, 7th May: Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering (later renamed Sony) was founded

1955, 7th May: Air India launched the Mumbai-Tokyo flight

1998, 7th May: Mercedes-Benz acquires Chrysler for 40 billion, the largest industrial merger in history

2000, 7th May: Vladimir Putin became President of Russia

Famous Birthdays & Birth Anniversaries on May 7

1711: David Hume, a Scottish Enlightenment philosopher, historian, economist, librarian, and essayist

1861: Rabindranath Tagore, an Indian polymath- poet, writer, composer, philosopher, and painter

1880: Pandurang Vaman Kane, an Indian Indologist and Sanskrit scholar

1892: Joseph Tito, a revolutionary and the first president of Yugoslavia

1912: Pannalal Patel, an Indian author

1909: Edwin Herbert Land, the co-founder of the Polaroid Corporation

1912: Pannalal Patel, an Indian author known for his contributions to Gujarati literature

Death Anniversaries of famous people on May 7

1924: Alluri Seeta Rama Raju, an Indian revolutionary

1974: Basanti Devi, an Indian independence activist

1994: Ustad Nasir Zahiruddin Dagar, Indian Dhrupad singer

2001: Prem Dhawan, an Indian lyricist, music composer, choreographer, and actor

2002: Durga Bhagwat, an Indian scholar, socialist, and writer 

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