Today in History India 04 May

Check out below about Today in History India 4 May in Indian history or May 4 special day in India. Looking for information about today special day in India? If yes, check out below. On this Special day today 4 May in Indian history, falls the birthdays and death anniversaries of various well-known people of India. You would also find out about events that happened that make it to the list of today special day in India.

Today’s Historical Events on May 4

1799, 4th May: Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore state, was killed while fighting with the British at Srirangapanam in Karnataka.

1959, 4th May: The first Grammy Awards were held.

1979, 4th May: Margaret Thatcher became the first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

1992, 4th May: Musician Bhupen Hazarika awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award.

1995, 4th May: Maharashtra Cabinet decided to rename Bombay as Mumbai.        

1996, 4th May: India won six silver medals at the World Weightlifting Championships, while N Kunjurani Devi won two.

Famous Birthdays & Birth Anniversaries on May 4

1006: Khwaja Abdullah Ansari, a Persian Sufi saint.

1649: Maharaja Chhatrasal, a medieval Indian warrior from the Bundela Rajput clan.

1655: Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian instrument maker and inventor of the piano.

1767: Tyagaraja, a renowned composer of Carnatic music, a form of Indian classical music.

 1825: Thomas Huxley, an English biologist, and anthropologist.

1934: Arun Date, an Indian-Marathi singer of Bhavageete.

Death Anniversaries of famous people on May 4

1799: Tipu Sultan, the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore based in South India.

1938: Kano Jigoro, a Japanese educator and athlete, the founder of Judo.

1980: Anant Kanekar, an Indian-Marathi writer.

1980: Joseph Tito, the first president of Yugoslavia.

1989: Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay, one of the most prominent writers of modern Bengali literature.

2008: Pandit Kishan Maharaj, an Indian tabla player.

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