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The Hindu PDF 8 February 2024 Analysis


The Hindu PDF 8 February 2024 Newspaper is considered an important source of news and information for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) aspirants in India. The Hindu Epaper PDF newspaper covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to the UPSC exam, including politics, economics, international relations, governance, and social issues.

In the following article, we have shared the key points from The Hindu Newspaper today pdf for the students preparing for the UPSC and other competitive exams. These points from The Hindu newspaper pdf serve as current affairs material for their preparation.

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The Hindu Epaper Analysis 8 February 2024 for UPSC

390-year-old lamp post in Nalgonda unravels trade links of Telangana: Page 5
  • Discovery of a 390-year-old Deepastambham (lamp post) near River Krishna in Nalgonda district, Telangana
  • Found in Mudimanikyam village by archaeologists Ashok Kumar and Srinivasan
  • Pillar is 20-foot tall with hollows for lamps and a multi-lingual inscription
  • Inscription dated to June 1635, written in Telugu mixed with Tamil
  • Dedicated to Kasi Viswanatha, likely served as a lighthouse on the riverine trade route
  • Rare to find lamp posts in the Deccan, more common in temples on the west coast
  • Location about 180 km from Hyderabad, ruled by Qutb Shahi rulers at the time
  • European travellers like Tavernier referenced land trade routes and riverine trade
Equity concerns in banning fossil fuel extraction: Page 6
  • Governments and corporations’ inadequate response to climate change leads to rise in litigation and calls for phasing out fossil fuel subsidies and extraction.
  • Momentum for Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and coal elimination treaty by 2030 due to Production Gap Report showing plans to produce 110% more fossil fuels by 2030.
  • UNFCCC at COP26 and COP28 addressed phasing out coal and fossil fuel subsidies, aiming for net zero emissions by 2050.
  • Challenge in aligning proposals with CBDR-RC and NDC principles, considering countries heavily dependent on fossil fuel revenue.
  • Countries like Canada, US, and UK have more capacity to transition away from fossil fuels, while others like Azerbaijan and Nigeria face challenges.
  • International law allows states to use natural resources but requires prevention of significant harm to other states.
  • India’s reliance on fossil fuels despite progress in renewable energy, with millions employed in the sector.
  • India calls for differential time-frame for phasing down coal at COP26, citing need for transition support and economic opportunities.
  • Scrutiny of India’s subsidies on kerosene oil for inconsistency with Paris Agreement.
Road map for fiscal consolidation: Page 7
  • Interim Budget for 2024-25 maintains tax rates and emphasizes fiscal correction and consolidation.
  • Buoyancy of tax revenue provides buffer for increased expenditures or deficit reduction.
  • Capital expenditures of Central government increased by 11.1%, aiming to stimulate private investment.
  • Lower fiscal deficit target of 5.1% for 2024-25, declining by 0.7 percentage points from the previous year.
  • Roadmap targets a fiscal deficit of 3% of GDP for the Central government, not 4.5%.
  • Committee suggests debt-GDP ratio of 40% for the Centre, aiming for 3% fiscal deficit.
  • Simulations indicate reaching 40% debt-GDP ratio by 2034-35 with 3% fiscal deficit maintained.
  • Fiscal deficit above 6% of GDP can lead to inflation, emphasizing the need for prudent fiscal management.
A history of the Northern Ireland conflict: Page 8
  • Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill becoming the first Nationalist First Minister of Northern Ireland is significant due to the power-sharing agreement between Nationalists and Unionists.
  • The two-year political deadlock ended as the DUP, objecting to new border controls between Britain and Ireland post-Brexit, returned to government.
  • ‘The Troubles’ refers to a 30-year civil war (1968-1998) between Republicans (mostly Catholic) and Unionists (mostly Protestant), resulting in over 3,500 deaths.
  • Northern Ireland was formed with six counties remaining with the U.K. due to a Protestant majority in Ulster after Ireland’s independence in 1921.
  • The Good Friday Agreement of 1998 aimed to share power between Republicans and Unionists, allowing for governance based on the sovereign wishes of both sides, with provisions for reunification and dual nationality.
  • Despite the agreement, tensions persist, leading to multiple collapses of the Northern Ireland government, most recently in February 2022 over border controls.
  • The appointment of a Nationalist First Minister hints at the possibility of a reunification referendum in the next decade, though both U.K. and Irish governments suggest it’s not imminent based on current polling.
Uttarakhand Assembly passes Uniform Civil Code: Page 10
  • The Uttarakhand Assembly passed the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) despite opposition’s demand for review by a select committee.
  • Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami hailed it as a “historic moment,” making Uttarakhand the first Indian legislature to implement common rules for marriage, divorce, inheritances, and live-in relationships for all communities except Scheduled Tribes.
  • Dhami argued that the UCC would address historical injustices against women and counter divisive political agendas.
  • Congress MLAs did not oppose the UCC but sought detailed examination to remove potential flaws before passage, citing Article 44 of the Constitution, which calls for a UCC for the entire country.
  • There were concerns about leaving out the tribal population from the UCC’s ambit despite claiming applicability to the entire state.
  • The UCC is based on a draft by a committee chaired by retired Supreme Court judge Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, fulfilling a BJP election promise in the 2022 Assembly elections.
  • Asaduddin Owaisi criticized the UCC as resembling a Hindu Code applicable to all, raising concerns about excluding Hindu undivided families and questioning the uniformity of a law that doesn’t apply to the majority of the state’s population.
Kuki-Zo delegation meets Home Ministry officials: Page 10
  • Kuki-Zo delegation (9 members) met Union Home Ministry officials
  • Discussed scrapping of Free Movement Regime (FMR) with Myanmar
  • Raised January 24 Kangla Fort incident in Imphal by radical Meitei group
  • Meeting led by A.K. Mishra, Adviser, Northeast, Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Intelligence Bureau officials also present
  • Meeting lasted 3 hours
  • Delegation raised issue of power outages in Churachandpur and Pherzawl hill districts
  • Ministry officials assured delegation of conveying issues to higher authorities
  • Tribal bodies seek appointment with Union Home Minister Amit Shah
  • Demand for separate administration for Kuki-Zo people still exists
  • Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh met Amit Shah on February 3
  • Government decided to construct fence along 1,643-km border with Myanmar
  • Ending FMR allows regulated movement across border
  • FMR last revised in 2016
  • Continued violence attributed to unregulated movement from across the border
  • Ethnic violence between Kuki-Zo people and Meitei community since May 2023
India-China bilateral trade hit a new record in 2023, says Chinese envoy: Page 14
  • India-China bilateral trade reached record levels in 2023
  • Trade surpassed 2022 figures, reaching $136.2 billion
  • Growth in trade accompanied other improvements in bilateral ties
  • Informal meeting between Modi and Xi in August mentioned as a positive development
  • In 2022, bilateral trade had reached $135.98 billion
  • Imports from China surpassed $100 billion in 2022
  • Despite tensions over military standoff at LAC, trade continued to grow
  • Chinese envoy Ma Jia highlighted positive momentum in China-India relations
  • Important consensus reached between Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi to stabilize ties
  • China supported India’s presidency of G20 and SCO
  • Bilateral trade volume grew by 1.5% year-on-year
  • India’s exports to China increased by 6%
  • Bilateral trade deficit potentially lower, as indicated by official figures
  • China has not appointed an Ambassador to India in over 16 months
  • Direct flights between China and India have not resumed
Biden govt. sets tighter standards for soot pollution: SCIENCE Page II
  • Biden administration sets tougher standards for soot pollution
  • Aim is to reduce fine particle matter from tailpipes, smokestacks, and industrial sources
  • Expected to prevent thousands of premature deaths annually
  • EPA rule finalized Wednesday hailed by environmental and public health groups
  • Industry groups warn of potential job losses and shutdowns of power plants or refineries
  • EPA Administrator Michael Regan states $46 billion in net health benefits by 2032
  • Benefits include prevention of up to 800,000 asthma attacks and 4,500 premature deaths
  • Rule especially benefits children, older adults, those with heart and lung conditions, and low-income/minority communities
  • Sets maximum level of 9 micrograms of fine particle pollution per cubic meter of air
  • Down from 12 micrograms established a decade ago under Obama administration
  • Air quality level set for states and counties to achieve to reduce pollution from various sources
  • Despite concerns about impact on industrial states, administration says industry can adapt to meet new standard
  • Soot pollution declined while GDP increased in the past two decades
  • Industry groups warn lower standard could increase number of U.S. counties in violation, affecting permits for industrial plants
  • Lower soot standard could prompt companies to locate facilities in countries with weaker air-quality standards

Source: The Hindu Epaper

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