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The Hindu PDF 7 February 2024 Analysis


The Hindu PDF 7 February 2024 Newspaper is considered an important source of news and information for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) aspirants in India. The Hindu Epaper PDF newspaper covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to the UPSC exam, including politics, economics, international relations, governance, and social issues.

In the following article, we have shared the key points from The Hindu Newspaper today pdf for the students preparing for the UPSC and other competitive exams. These points from The Hindu newspaper pdf serve as current affairs material for their preparation.

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The Hindu Epaper Analysis 7 February 2024 for UPSC

Leave us out of your conflict, Naga organization tells Meitei and Kuki-Zo communities: Page 4
  • Nagas in Manipur, represented by United Naga Council (UNC), request Meiteis and Kuki-Zos to keep them out of the ongoing ethnic conflict.
  • UNC highlights atrocities against Nagas in both Meitei-dominated Imphal valley and Kuki-Zo inhabited hills.
  • Nagas maintained a neutral stance in the conflict but faced attacks: Naga women attacked in Imphal, Naga house burnt, Naga woman shot dead, farmer beaten, leader fired at, and Naga men beaten by armed groups.
  • Incidents include assaults, thrashing, and abduction of Naga individuals, with mistaken identity as the common excuse.
  • Roads to Naga villages blocked, and Nagas facing extortion by armed groups and women vigilantes in hills and Imphal Valley.
  • Churches destroyed, sacrilegious acts committed in the name of war against the Naga community.
  • Despite provocations, Nagas sought resolution through customary laws, but attacks continued.
  • UNC accuses Meitei legislators of aligning with a radical group and failing to represent the entire state.
  • Urgent plea to Meiteis and Kuki-Zos to stop targeting Nagas; warns of consequences if appeal is disregarded, including possible evacuation of Nagas from Imphal Valley.
Mint Street musings: Page 6
  • RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) expected to maintain status quo on interest rates in the upcoming meeting.
  • Previous MPC review in December maintained ‘withdrawal of accommodation’ stance, raised GDP growth forecast to 7%.
  • Slim hopes for shift to ‘neutral’ stance, but growth estimate might be revised based on National Statistical Office projection of 7.3% GDP growth.
  • Similar concerns to US Federal Reserve regarding inflation; December inflation rate at 5.7%, above the 4% target.
  • RBI expects inflation to cool to 4% in July-September if monsoon is normal, providing room for rate cut consideration.
  • Finance Minister’s interim Budget for 2024-25 may allow RBI to ease liquidity constraints without adding to inflation.
  • Fiscal consolidation efforts and reduction in gross market borrowings to ₹14 lakh crore in 2024-25 from ₹15.4 lakh crore this year could free up credit for private sector.
  • Expected spike in foreign capital inflows into Indian government bonds following their inclusion in global bond indices could lower borrowing costs for the economy.
  • Yields on government bonds already dropping, systemic liquidity slightly improving, providing comfort for Mint Street hawks.
Maldives accelerates plan to lower dependence on India: Page 7
  • Chinese tourists replace minor reduction in Indian tourists in the Maldives after diplomatic row with India
  • Controversial tweets by Maldivian deputy ministers led to diplomatic row with India
  • Indian social media calls for boycotting Maldives to hurt tourism industry
  • Maldivian President strengthens ties with China following tensions with India
  • President Muizzu visits China, meets with President Xi Jinping, encourages Chinese tourists to visit Maldives
  • Number of Indian tourists to Maldives drops slightly, while Chinese tourists surge
  • Overall tourist inflow increases despite decline in Indian visitors
  • Maldives expands health insurance scheme to include visits to UAE and Thailand, reducing reliance on India
  • Plans to build a 100-bed hospital with Chinese aid announced
  • Agreements signed with China to reduce dependence on India for staple foods and other products
  • Maldives heavily relies on India for various imports including granite, steel, food items
  • Key agreements with China pose threat to mutually beneficial relationship with India
Understanding the delimitation exercise: Page 8
  • Delimitation: Process of fixing number of seats and boundaries of constituencies for Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies, includes reservation for SC and ST
  • Constitutional provisions: Article 82 and 170 mandate readjustment of seats after each Census, carried out by Delimitation Commission
  • Seats frozen: Since 1971 Census to encourage population control, extended till 2026 by 84th Amendment Act
  • Issues:
  • Uneven population growth leads to disparity in representation
  • Options: Continue with 543 seats or increase to 848, both scenarios disadvantage southern and smaller states
  • May go against federal principles and lead to disenchantment
  • International practices:
  • U.S.: 435 seats in House of Representatives redistributed after each Census
  • EU Parliament: 720 seats divided based on ‘degressive proportionality’
  • Ideal solution:
  • Cap Lok Sabha seats at 543 to maintain federal principle
  • Increase MLAs in states to address democratic representation
  • Strengthen democracy by empowering local bodies like panchayats and municipalities
After five months of pause due to Gaza war, govt. hopes to move on the IMEC: Page IO

The IMEC (India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor) project, paused due to Gaza war, set to resume:

  • Stalled since the Israel-Hamas conflict in September 2023.
  • Expected to move forward during Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ visit to India.
  • Initial talks held during PM Modi’s visit to Athens in 2023.
  • High-level meetings during the Raisina Dialogue may progress IMEC talks.
  • Greek ports like Piraeus to be utilized for the corridor.
  • MoU signed by eight parties includes India, EU, US, Saudi Arabia, UAE.
  • Planned meeting post-MoU delayed due to Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • UAE and Saudi Arabia hesitant to discuss ties with Israel post-Gaza attacks.
  • Union Railway Minister Vaishnaw sees IMEC as insurance against trade route disruptions.
  • Project alignment and “missing links” identified.
  • Commitment from US, EU, and India for funding and benefits anticipated.
‘Tax-to-GDP ratio to hit all-time high of 11.7% of GDP in FY25’: Page 13
  • Led by increased direct tax collection, aiming for a more equitable system.
  • Simplification and rationalization of tax regime to reduce disputes and litigation.
  • New tax regime without deductions to attract more taxpayers.
  • Personal Income Tax collections show significant growth.
  • Prospects for rationalizing GST rates under review by reconstituted GoM.
  • GST Council to meet quarterly, no fixed date yet.
  • Indirect taxes increasing but remain around 5% of GDP.
  • Modest revenue growth projection for 2024-25, with tax revenues expected to grow at 11.5%.
  • Department of Revenue not probing lapses at Paytm Payments Bank; Enforcement Directorate handles money laundering issues.
  • Deadline for new manufacturing units to avail 15% corporate tax rate ended in March 2023.
  • Approximately 57% of corporate tax income filed at reduced rate of 22%.

Source: The Hindu Epaper

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