Indian Express PDF 5 November 2023

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Indian Express PDF 5 November 2023 Important Articles

J&K Police first in country to use GPS anklet for UAPA accused out on bail: Page 9

  • Jammu and Kashmir Police introduced GPS tracker anklets to monitor terror accused out on bail.
  • This makes J-K Police the first in the country to use such a device.
  • The GPS tracker anklet tracks the movement of individuals wearing it.
  • Similar devices are used in the USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand to monitor accused persons on bail or house arrest.
  • Special NIA Court, Jammu, ordered the use of GPS tracker anklets in a case under the UAPA.
  • The case involved accused Ghulam Mohd Bhat associated with terrorist organizations and terror financing.
  • The device helps in close monitoring of terror accused under UAPA.

IIT-Kharagpur study: India’s surface temp may increase by up to 5.10C by 2100: Page 9

  • IIT-Kharagpur study indicates that India’s surface temperature may increase by 1.1 to 5.1 degrees Celsius by 2100.
  • High emission scenarios could lead to a temperature rise of up to 5.1 degrees Celsius in India, similar to the global average rise in temperatures.
  • The actual temperature rise in India has been lower than the global average so far.
  • The study analyzed temperature trends in India from 1980 to 2020 and assessed the influence of various factors on temperature change.
  • Increasing temperature trends were observed during the pre-monsoon and post-monsoon seasons in northwest, northeast, and north-central regions of India.
  • Under moderate emissions scenarios, India’s average surface temperature may increase by about 1.2-2 degrees Celsius by 2100.
  • High emission scenarios could result in a temperature increase of 3.5-5.1 degrees Celsius by 2100.
  • Post-monsoon temperatures have shown significant increases in the western Himalayan region and northeast India.
  • Average surface temperatures have been rising over northwest India, the west coast, and peninsular India over the last four decades during specific periods.

‘We are starting talks with India to find a framework to go for CEPA or FTA’: Page 12

  • India and Chile are exploring the possibility of a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) or a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
  • The focus will be on both goods and services, as well as issues related to energy, commerce, technology, innovation, and the environment.
  • Potential areas of collaboration include lithium mining and exploration of mineral reserves.
  • The timeline for the CEPA or FTA will depend on the framework, but both sides aim to make progress before the upcoming Indian elections.
  • Both countries have common interests in the energy sector, including lithium production and downstream processing.
  • India is interested in exploring mining opportunities in Chile, and discussions are ongoing.
  • Collaborative efforts involve a working group with representatives from both India and Chile to explore various forms of collaboration.
  • Chile has a national lithium strategy, focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly production.
  • Private-public partnerships with foreign investors, like those already in place with China and North America, are part of the strategy.
  • Diversifying economic relations and political engagement with India is a priority for Chile.
  • The expansion of the trade pact may include digital services, investment, and other sectors, with the exact priorities to be determined through ongoing discussions.
  • The stability of India’s trade policy is viewed positively, with an increasing interest in Latin American countries.
  • There have been multiple rounds of negotiations to evaluate the potential trade pact expansion.
  • Openness to a comprehensive agreement covering goods and services, including discussions on energy, innovation, and the environment, is emphasized.

Source: The Indian Express

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