14 October 2023 Current affairs PDF

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Current Affairs of 14 October 2023 PDF | 14 October 2023 Current affairs PDF

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 9th G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit (P20) at YashoBhumi in New Delhi. The theme of the P20 Summit is “Parliaments for One Earth, One Family, One Future.” The event will see the participation of 25 speakers, 10 Deputy Speakers, and 50 members of Parliament, including the Pan African Parliament, participating for the first time in India.

Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri launched the 12th City Gas Distribution (CGD) Bidding Round of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board in Delhi. This move aims to expand CGD networks across the country, with the goal of achieving a 32 thousand-kilometer-long pipeline network.

World Athletics has nominated Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra for the Men’s Athlete of the Year award 2023. Neeraj is an Olympic and World Championships Gold medalist, and he is one of the 11 nominees selected by an international panel of athletics experts.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has agreed to provide $338 million to Bangladesh for vaccine production, reducing the country’s dependency on vaccine imports and facilitating local production. ADB has committed $3.5 billion in financing to Bangladesh for the current fiscal year, with $2 billion being concessional and $1.5 billion regular.

China witnessed a record-low number of births in 2022, with just 9.56 million births, the lowest figure since records began in 1949. This resulted in a decline in the country’s population for the first time in sixty years, with the population recorded at 1.41 billion people, and nearly 40 percent of newborns being the second child.

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Tamil writer Sivasankari was awarded the prestigious ‘Saraswati Samman’ in 2022 for her memoirs, “Surya Vamsam,” offering a profound glimpse into her life and evolution as an acclaimed author.

The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (IDDR) is celebrated every year on 13 October, aiming to create awareness about disasters, their impact, and preventive measures to educate communities about the risks posed by disasters.

India ranks 111 out of 125 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2023, with a severity of hunger categorized as ‘serious.’ The GHI score is based on multiple indicators, including under-nourishment, child stunting, child wasting, and child mortality.

In Ladakh, the Ladakh Zanskar Festival 2023 (8th edition) started at Padum in Zanskar, featuring exhibition stalls displaying traditional cuisine, attire, lifestyle, ethnicity, and unique Zanskar culture, along with cultural presentations and folk performances.

Under Operation Ajay, the first flight from Israel arrived at Delhi airport, bringing home 212 Indian nationals. This operation was initiated to facilitate the return of Indians amidst the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Palestine.

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